The ambiance of our "koryu" dojo is about developing the skills of the group as well as the individual.


Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo is an ancient form of stick fighting that can take years of practice to master.


Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido is about learning how to draw and return the sword properly with the goal on self improvement as well.


Arguably the oldest form of Japanese sword fighting still practiced today - it looks deceptively simple.

What we do Our Goal

  • JODO
  • Iaido
  • Kenjutsu

Latest on Martial History

  • Battle picture of Imagawa Yoshie and it looks cool
  • Tokugawa CPA examination
  • Did Musashi and Muso Ever Meet?
  • Genius With a Stick by Donn F. Draeger
  • Isshin Ryu’s “INTRIGUING” CHARACTERS – Part One
  • Ganryujima accessible by rowboat

Koryu Curriculum

 Welcome to Rembukan

Rick Polland-jodo, Iaido, dojo Rembukan Dojo

Hi my name is Rick and I am  the Shihan (Instructor) of the Rembukan Dojo.  Over the years we have revamped, rewritten and re-launched our website many times.  Each time we hope to make improvements.  One of our goals however is to be informative and to offer a repository of sorts about the Japanese budo that we have selected for study.  

Besides ease of navigation, accuracy of content, and information for members, this site is now so much more!  I'm getting older if not wiser and now that I look back on my journey I realize that I have a story or two to tell.  It is an ideal conduit because you can choose whether to engage or not. 

Of course this site is dedicated to the dojo membership first and foremost.  You will understand when I write that this is a temporal monument of sorts as I'm very proud of the students that have continued to train at the Rembukan Dojo. You have not only demonstrated that you are terrific human beings but also great exponents of these ancient martial traditions.  Your efforts make the dojo a breathing living place and you have enriched my life and touched the lives of my family.  I appreciate sharing the mat with you.

Perhaps you will have stories to add - I hope so.

Rick      This chop means having a positive  force and locus being the dojo gathering like dojo 

This chop (hanko) translates into having a positive force with the locus being in this case the Rembukan dojo from which the force emanates.




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Latest Reflections on Budo

  • Shimizu S and Otofuji S About 1967
  • Buddhist Concepts for Budo Training

Interested in Our Dojo?

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